Rymarz Zdort advised ExploRNA Therapeutics in the course of an equity investment by Black Forest

30 March 2021

Rymarz Zdort advised ExploRNA Therapeutics in the process of an equity investment that involved a subscription for shares in ExploRNA Therapeutics by the fund Black Forest SICAV-SIF (owned by Michał Sołowow) and the provision of funds for the expansion of the former’s operations.

ExploRNA Therapeutics is a biotech spin-off company of the University of Warsaw, which develops ground-breaking mRNA modification technologies paving the way for new therapeutic applications of mRNA in medicine, such as COVID-19 vaccines.

Black Forest SICAV-SIF is an investment fund supporting scientific and technological advancements achieved by both Polish and foreign companies. Active in a number of industries and sectors, Black Forest’s net asset value has now exceeded EUR 4.1 billion. Products manufactured by its companies are sold throughout the world (in more than 60 countries, in six continents).

The investment by Black Forest SICAV-SIF will allow ExploRNA Therapeutics to develop and implement an ambitious research program focusing on the use of mRNA for therapeutic purposes and enhancing the company’s research potential.

The transaction team included Paweł Zdort, a managing partner, and Krystian Kowalski, an associate of the corporate z department.

Team members

Paweł Zdort

Managing Partner

Paweł Zdort

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