White-Collar Crime

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The white-collar crime team has in-depth experience in representing clients in all phases of litigation and investigations, including high-profile cases, in which our team has acted both on behalf of the injured parties and those charged or accused of committing criminal offenses.

We successfully handle investigations and prosecutions that require prompt action, experience and knowledge across a number of legal disciplines. We support our clients (both corporate and individuals) if they are faced with an enquiry or prosecution, or are seeking redress after a criminal incident that has impacted their business or affected them personally.

The white-collar crime team benefits from the firm’s wealth of experience in the areas of banking and finance, commercial, corporate, and M&A, which ensures that we have an insightful approach to complex issues in white-collar crime areas, including corporate offences, and bank and capital markets fraud. For that reason, we are recognised for our expertise in handling the criminal, commercial and regulatory overlap that white-collar cases often require.

We provide our clients with preventative advice and assist them with the implementation of compliance policies to address bribery, corruption, and money laundering in order to reduce the risk of any criminal exposure.

We offer expert advice on: cases involving money laundering, bribery and corruption, the search, seizure and retention of property, internal forensic investigations, financial crime and regulation, corporate fraud, reputation and defamation protection, tax offences, insider trading, market abuse, as well as cases related to defamation protection.

Our clients range from stock exchange-listed and other large companies to individuals, including high-net-worth individuals, directors, and senior employees. Our clients operate in key sectors, such as financial services, manufacturing, energy and utilities, telecommunications, media, and real estate.

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Karina Aust-Niewiadomska


Karina Aust-Niewiadomska

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