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We support clients in a wide range of employment, compensation, and benefits issues, including transactional and day-to-day support relating to employment matters.

We provide advice on general employment matters, such as the preparation of employment contracts, mandate agreements, remuneration and award systems, non-competition agreements, and measures designed to counteract mobbing and discrimination.

We are experienced in preparing management contracts and implementing employment structures and incentive schemes for management board members and managers, including stock option plans. Thanks to the experience of our lawyers, we combine unique knowledge of employment, social security, and tax regulations, which allows us to provide top-tier advice.

We also provide support and advice on a wide range of issues associated with M&A transactions, such as conducting labour-law due diligence investigations, handling matters relating to the transfer of employees and undertakings, preparing communications to employees, trade unions and employee councils, assisting with matters relating to workforce and management restructuring, including mass lay-offs and negotiations with trade unions in connection with different types of reorganisations.

We understand the legal and practical issues that multinational employers may face and the consequent need to address these matters in a time-efficient manner. Keeping an ever-watchful eye on changes in employment law and current court jurisprudence, we advise effectively even in respect of the most complex and sensitive matters.

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Marek Kanczew


Marek Kanczew

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